Tony “The Bear” Ronaldson talks about why he prefers Boomering products

Who is Tony Ronaldson:

Former Perth Wildcat legend Tony “The Bear” Ronaldson is an Australian Basketball Hall of Famer, 2-time Olympian, Commonwealth Games Gold medallist and a 2-time NBL Championship player, whose 665 games leads the NBL for most games played in all-time! He is also the fifth-highest scorer in the NBL with 12,486 points, and holds the sixth-highest record for defensive rebounds with 2,642! He also holds the record for the most appearances made in the NBL Finals, playing a league record of 20 consecutive Finals series from 1990–2009.

National Basketball League Career Highlights:

NBL career: 1990–2010 (21 seasons – 1st All-time)

NBL Grand Final appearances: 7 (1991, 1992, 1996, 1997, 1998/99, 1999/00, 2002/03 – 2nd All-time)

NBL Championships: 2 (1992, 1996)

NBL Finals appearances: 20 (1990–2009 – 1st All-time)

Tony Ronaldson writes:

“As a professional basketball player I had the opportunity to play all over the world on a number of different products and without a doubt the Boomering backboard and ring set up are as good as you will get!!! As someone who shot the ball from 3 years old, and as part of my game, I can assure you there is a difference in rings. The Boomering setup has that soft feel that you are looking for when you are shooting the ball, and, combined with the fact that it is adjustable to suit any age-level of Hooper, with quality second to none, there is no other choice than a Boomering backboard and ring for whatever you’re your basketball needs are.”

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