The Portaroo 54″


The all-new Portaroo 54″ has arrived. Featuring a number of small yet impressive upgrades, we can’t wait to show you the 2020 Portaroo!

You provided feedback, we listened!

New 2020 Upgraded Portaroo:

  • thicker polycarbonate backboard (8mm)
  • upgraded net
  • bigger actuator for easier winding
  • treated steel then powder coated
  • upgraded bolt size
  • stainless fixings
  • water escape holes to avoid pooling.

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Rim Height: From 2.30m to 3.05m (7.5’ to 10’). Crank handle for height adjustment

Rim Diameter: 45cm (18”)

Rim Material: 16mm heavy duty solid steel, breakaway rim

Net Material: Weather proof nylon

Backboard: 140cm x 82cm (54” x 32”)

Backboard Material: 8mm Polycarbonate with backboard padding

Pole Material: 3pcs square steel tubes

Pole Width: 100mm x 100mm (4” x 4”)

Base Size: 130cm x 82cm x 20cm

Base Material: Blow molding PE, can be filled with 160kgs water

Net Weight: 64kg

Click here for the Portaroo Instruction Manual

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