Commercial Basketball Court Installation

Turn your commercial venue, school, or park into a vibrant hub with Boomering's premium basketball solutions.


  • Students energized and engaged, fostering teamwork and healthy competition on our safe, shock-absorbing flooring.
  • Families creating lasting memories in your community park, drawn to the inviting atmosphere of a well-equipped basketball court.
  • Employees recharging and connecting during lunchtime games on your multi-purpose court, designed for both basketball and community events.

Boomering offers everything you need:

  • Expert advice from experienced professionals:
    • It's vitally important that commercial courts are designed by professionals and use premium quality componentry. 
    • Use the advice of our expert team to ensure you make the correct choices in court design and materials.
  • Professional-quality flooring:
    • Reduces injury risk with premium cushion technology.
    • Offers extended durability with customizable colors, logos, and no-mark surfaces.
    • Features movable tiles for easy installation and reconfiguration.
    • Weatherproof warranty guarantees. 
  • Wide range of hoops:
    • Accommodates all age groups and space needs.
    • Engineered and designed in Australia for superior quality.

Investing in Boomering solutions means:

  • Increased foot traffic and engagement.
  • Enhanced aesthetics and functionality of your space.
  • Promoting physical activity and community building.
  • Contributing to a healthier and happier environment.

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