Custom Home Basketball Court Installations

Transform your home with Boomering's bespoke basketball court installations, the premier choice for adding a professional-grade sports facility right in your backyard. Our services are not just about giving your residence a touch of athleticism but about creating a space where family and friends can gather, play, and make memories.

Our top-tier flooring options come equipped with advanced cushion technology, significantly reducing the risk of injuries, making it safer for children and adults alike to enjoy the game. The comfort and versatility of our flooring mean your backyard can easily host various activities, from high-energy basketball games to relaxed family gatherings, all on a surface that's kind to your joints and designed for multi-purpose use. With a wide range of customizable options, including colours and logos, our no-mark, easily movable tiles ensure your court is not only functional but also visually stunning and uniquely yours.

Complementing our exceptional flooring, Boomering provides a selection of basketball hoops engineered to meet the needs of all age groups and skill levels. Whether you're training the next generation of players or just enjoying a friendly match, our Aussie-designed hoops and flooring ensure your home court is of the highest professional quality.

Here's why choosing Boomering for your home is a slam dunk:

  • Experienced Insight: Our roots in professional basketball mean we bring an expert eye to every project, ensuring your home court meets the highest standards of playability and design.

  • Premium as Standard: Unlike others, we don't charge extra for what we believe should be the norm. Our courts come with premium components standard, ensuring you get the best without the added cost.

  • Durability for Australian Conditions: Tailored for the Aussie lifestyle, our courts are built to last, offering long-term guarantees against the harsh Australian climate.

  • Customisation at Its Best: With Boomering, you're not just installing a basketball court; you're creating a personalised sports haven. From the ground up, we tailor every aspect of the court to fit your space, style, and preferences, with endless options for colours, materials, and logos.

  • All-in-One Service: From initial design to final landscaping touches, our turnkey service handles everything. Sit back while we transform your backyard into a professional-quality basketball court, complete with our state-of-the-art hoops and shock-absorbing, weather-resistant flooring that promises a perfect bounce and superior play experience year-round.

Boomering puts a professional court in your backyard, ensuring it's the envy of the neighbourhood with its premium quality, bespoke design, and unmatched durability. Let us bring your dream court to life, where every jump shot and family game adds to your home's joy and value.

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